Star Armani – Workin’ what her mama gave her

Workin’ what her mama gave her

Workin' what her mama gave her

Armani is one of the biggest names in high-end fashion, so it is a fitting name for a bad bitch like Star Armani. Star is the type of chick that keeps heads on a swivel when she walks down a street. She knows how to work with what her mama gave her. In fact, she enjoys showing off what she’s working with.

“I like to look good and feel good,” Star said. “I have a lot of confidence. I dress sexy because that’s what I am.”

We love girls that keep it real, and when you’re working with the tight body and phat booty Star is workin’ with, confidence is expected. With a body like that, she doesn’t need to be dressed in Armani to look like a star.

She proved that by rockin’ this construction worker outfit that gets every cock rock hard. A booty like that deserves a hung stud, and there was no better option than Johnny Rod.

After he spends some time worshiping Star’s heavenly booty, she pops down and goes to work on his cock. Then Johnny picks her up and Star rides his cock until he’s nearly ready to bust his nut. But it’s not time for that yet. You’ve got to savor a phat ass like this. Especially when that ass belongs to a cock-hungry chick like Star.

“I have a few fantasies,” she said. “I really want to fuck a man and a woman at the same time. I really love cock, though, so I may hog it a little bit. I’d want him fucking me doggy style while I eat her pussy out.”

She’s not eating pussy here, but Johnny beasts on Star’s ass doggy style before dropping a thick load of cum on her phat ass. That’s a sticky thank you for workin’ what her mama gave her.

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Star Armani – Badonkadonk is up to code

Badonkadonk is up to code

Badonkadonk is up to code

If construction workers looked like Star Armani, none of our homes would be up to code. That’s not because Star is a lazy chick. It’s because as soon as this girl walked on to a construction site with her phat, chocolate ass popping out of those tiny, black shorts, the only work that would get done would be hand jobs and blow jobs with a fresh load of man-juice to cool her off after a hard day of workin’ and twerkin’.

Star is what you have to call a hottie with a body, and we can’t think of anyone more capable of being the foreman on this big-booty worksite than our boy Johnny Rod. He worships her ass for a bit before she rips his pants off and goes down on his hung cock.

“We’re gonna get really dirty today,” she says, “You like when I get dirty.”

We appreciate women who don’t mind getting their hands-and mouths-dirty as often as possible, and Star is exactly that type of chick.

After nearly choking on our boy’s cock, Star hops on top and shows Johnny how she rocks cocks with her brickhouse booty.

Johnny puts the finishing touches on this construction site fuck by dropping a hot load all over Star’s caramel, brickhouse ass. There’s nothing to worry about there. Her badonkadonk is definitely up to code.

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Chavon Taylor – Hot Tub, Jug Rub

Hot Tub, Jug Rub

Hot Tub, Jug Rub

Chavon Taylor is a nasty tit slut who likes to wiggle and jiggle her big jugs and lick the precum off the tip of your cock. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than pleasing a man with my boobs. They’re my best asset. Squeeze them together and my cleavage is just as tight and fuckable as my pussy,” Chavon said. No man’s cock is safe from her titty tornado, just like her tits aren’t safe from loads of cum that spray all over them. But that’s okay, Chavon can handle it. In fact, she loves it.

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Caroline Pierce – Sex Vixen

Sex Vixen

Sex Vixen

The city of Sin is filled with good girls gone bad. Caroline Pierce is one of those women, and you can see it here. She looks like a sex vixen in this red lingerie. A sexy devil in a red outfit with a phat booty, and ready to have her pussy smashed to bits.

“I love wearing lace and other types of lingerie,” Caroline said. “I like anything that shows off my body–especially my booty. I think that’s my best asset. A lot of guys seem to agree.”

You know we do, girl. A nice, thick chick with curves? It doesn’t get better than that, and our boy Anthony realizes this. That’s why this dude is cheek deep in her sexy, MILF booty. There’s ass worship, but Caroline is workin’ with 39 inches of ass that requires a full-on sermon.

Anthony is the man for the job, and he’s the type of dude that knows how to take her ass and pussy on the hot, erotic adventures this chick is used to.

“I’m pretty adventurous,” she said. “I’ve been in bikini wrestling contests before. Wrestling other girls in a tub of Jello. It’s really fun. It’s a fetish thing, and I’ve always loved women, so I probably get more turned on by it than the guys do.”

She shakes her ass in his face before turning around and working on his cock. Next, Caroline jumps on top and rides Anthony until he’s about to pop.

But he’s not done with her yet. He flips her onto her side on the couch and bangs her out until Caroline is begging for more. Never one to hold back, Anthony lays her down and fucks her missionary before hittin’ her from the back doggy style.

When Anthony’s done, he drops a ton of cum all over her creamy badonkadonk.

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Caroline Pierce – Caroline's Magic Stick Tricks

Caroline’s Magic Stick Tricks

Caroline's Magic Stick Tricks

When you’re workin’ with a big ol’ booty like Caroline Pierce’s, ass worship is something you don’t even have to ask dudes to do. They’ll be lined up around the block with a fistful of stiff cock.

“Oh, yeah, get in that ass,” she says to our boy Anthony as he licks and nibbles on her badonkadonk. “Yeah, get in there nice and deep.”

Caroline is a rarity. She’s a sexy, white MILF from Las Vegas with a phat ass. We know that with age comes experience, and with an ass like that to go with it, Caroline knows a few tricks about how to work a magic stick.

“You like seeing my ass bounce?” she asks as she teases Anthony some more with her booty. “You’re so greedy.”

Soon, it’s Anthony’s turn to tease Caroline, though. He lies down on the couch, and she sits on his face. Anthony begins to tease and lick her pussy until Caroline can’t take anymore and wants a taste of his cock. She turns around and hops on top of him and they 69. She works her mouth down his cock until she’s got a throat-full of dick.

Caroline may have the experience, but Anthony has youth and a hung cock to give this MILF exactly what she needs. She hops up on his cock, and our boy beasts on her tight pussy.

“Oh, you like that?” Anthony asks as Caroline’s phat ass bounces on his cock.

Every booty lover knows that if a girl has junk in the trunk, you haven’t really experienced it until you’ve fucked her doggy style. Caroline spins that ass of hers around, and Anthony smashes her pussy until she’s moaning at the top of her lungs.

When our boy’s finally done, he drops a hot load of man-cream all over Caroline’s ass.

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Autumn Jade – Genitals Prefer Autumn

Genitals Prefer Autumn

Genitals Prefer Autumn

Imagine Marilyn Monroe with a dildo. Yo, wait a minute! You mean you don’t know Marilyn Monroe? Well, you know Autumn-Jade, Jack, and you know you’re here to get a funky hunk of spunk-busting boob action. So on with the show! Autumn is a huge fan of Marilyn: she collects books about her, pictures of her and has all her movies on tape or DVD. This was one shoot Autumn-Jade really wanted to do — and wow, she delivers! Miss A-J evokes the Hollywood sex goddess in a set so torrid she nearly set the studio on fire. Y’see, it’s that friction thing Autumn gets going when she works the plastic pecker into her world-class quim. So don’t get the idea this is some foo-foo excuse for the meat-beating extravaganzas you expect from our Miss Autumn. Nossirrreeee. This is a one hundred per cent stone-to-the-bone striptease and dildorama from America’s favorite — your favorite — Autumn-Jade. Give the lady a big hand. On your dick, that is.

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Mina Scarlett – Mina's Climax

Mina’s Climax

Mina's Climax

When a girl has a phat ass, there are few things better than seeing her rockin’ a tight pair. Mina Scarlett’s ass measures in at 39 inches and her booty fills out every fiber of a pair of jeans and then some.

Our boy Big Pike knows a nice ass when he sees one and has Mina try on a few pairs of jeans for him before things start to get dirty in the dressing room.

Getting’ hot and heavy in public isn’t new to Mina. She’s from Atlanta. The dirty south, as some would call it, and she’s been known to drop and pop that pussy no matter where she is.

“I’ve had sex in public places a few times,” she said. “I’ve fucked in parks a few times. The last time was late in the evening, and me and my man were walking back to his car. I don’t even remember what happened, but somehow I ended up giving him head on a park bench before he fucked me doggy style while I held myself up against a tree. It was really hot.”

She’s getting’ us pretty hot right now, too. Especially while we watch Mina twerkin’ her pussy on Pike’s cock reverse-cowgirl before he bangs her out doggy style.

Mina describes her perfect day as one that involves shopping, a movie, dinner, drinks and sex. Watching her suck and fuck Pike, we’re pretty sure the last one plays the biggest role in Mina having a good day.

“I love cocks,” Mina said. “I love sucking on it, and I love cocks inside me. There’s no better feeling than having my pussy filled by a fat dick. It’s the perfect thing.”

It’s the climax of her day.

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Mina Scarlett – Two-For-Cum Special

Two-For-Cum Special

Two-For-Cum Special

Usually, going clothes shopping is something most guys try to avoid doing. Every now and then, though, you find a hidden gem on the clearance rack that makes the trip to the mall worth it.

That’s what happened to our boy Big Pike. Except, he didn’t find a slick, new pair of jeans that were marked half off. What he found was even better. A bad bitch with a booty named Mina Scarlett and you know things are about to pop off.

When Mina meets Pike, who is looking for a new pair of jeans for his girlfriend, she kindly agrees to help him pick out a pair by trying some on.

We haven’t seen Pike’s girlfriend, but we doubt she’s workin’ with junk in the trunk like Mina is. He may want to trade her in for the upgraded big booty girlfriend. Mina gets a pair of jeans stuck on because her badonkadonk won’t let them slip off. Pike is kind enough to help her out with this situation in return.

“Can you do me another favor?” Mina asks after he’s slipped her jeans past her phat ass.

“Yeah,” he responds. “What is it?”

“Can you lick that ass?”

Pike isn’t the type of dude you have to ask twice. He goes to work on her ass, licking and smacking it before Mina returns the favor and sucks on his fat cock.

That’s not all this Lil freak needs, though. She jumps on top of Pike and gets her sweet cunt split reverse-cowgirl.

An ass like this is made for doggy style, though. So Pike flips her over and bangs her pussy out so hard that Mina will be sore for weeks.

When he’s done, Pike drops a heavy load onto her ass.

“I should shop here more often,” Pike says.

We all should. Phat asses are on clearance, and it’s a two-for-cum special.

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Mazzaratie Monica – Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

Mazzaratie Gets A Cream Filling

“Oh, yes,” Mazzaratie Monica says. “Let me jiggle that white ass on your face.”

She didn’t have to ask our stud Rocky twice as he devoured her 52-inches of booty. Ass like that is made for ass-clapping and booty-popping. Mazzaratie knows all about that from her time dancing at strip clubs, and she shows off her skills here.

Rocky is a man who needs to get his fill of booty, though. And he makes sure Mazzaratie’s is ready to be filled as he sticks one, then two, then three and finally four fingers up her asshole.

“Oh, I don’t know if I can do four,” Mazzaratie says before he slips his fourth finger in.

“Oh, you can do four,” Rocky replies as he stretches her out even further.

Mazzaratie hops on his cock and causes a booty earthquake as her ass bounces off of him. This is only a taste of what’s to come. Gotta get that rock-hard cock nice and wet before slipping it into her ass.

“God, I love your fucking dick in my ass,” Mazzaratie says. “I love watching that go in my ass. That big, fat dick inside my white ass.”

After getting filled, Mazzaratie gets the perfect creampie her ass was made for.

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Eva Gomez – Maid for double-penetration

Maid for double-penetration

Maid for double-penetration

If we had a maid, she’d look just like Eva Gomez. We’d put her in a short, tight outfit and give her the sexiest chores to do. Things like dusting the bottom shelf of our bookshelf so we can see her phat ass poking out of her dress.

“I love it when guys check out my ass,” Eva said. “That’s why I make sure I always dress sexy. Short skirts and dresses, you know? I like wearing tight jeans and shorts, too. I work what my mama gave me.”

Well, we’re gonna offer a formal thank you to Mrs. Gomez for blessing her daughter with the badonkadonk she’s rockin’. That’s a badonkadonk built to take a pounding. Good thing her latest clients Levi and Johnny Rod are two dudes who know how to work an ass… and Eva? Oh, you know she’s always ready for a booty-pounding.

“I love getting fucked in my ass,” Eva said. “I can cum just as hard with a cock in my ass as I can with a cock in my pussy. I just want the cock inside me. Just pick a hole.”

Why not both? These dudes want everything they can get, and they give Eva everything she can take by fucking her in the ass and pussy at the same time. These dudes want ass-’n-pussy how they want it, when they want.

That’s fine with Eva as long as she gets what she wants: hot man-cream all over her. We know Eva can’t wait for her next overnight cock shift.

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